Definition of phytoestrogen in US English:



  • An estrogen occurring naturally in legumes, considered beneficial in some diets.

    • ‘This danger can be avoided by getting your phytoestrogens naturally from a variety of whole foods, rather than from supplements or concentrated tablets.’
    • ‘One type of phytoestrogen is isoflavone, found in a variety of legumes.’
    • ‘There is increasing evidence that dietary phytoestrogens have a beneficial role in chronic renal disease.’
    • ‘It is thought that the weaker phytoestrogens can compete for estrogen receptors with the more potent endogenous estrogens thereby decreasing the overall estrogenic activity when it is deemed to be too high.’
    • ‘Although men don't produce estrogen, the addition of soy and phytoestrogen to their diets can help improve their cardiovascular health, and soy appears to help prevent prostate cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.’