Definition of physiognomically in US English:



  • See physiognomy

    • ‘However, the three species have maintained one common characteristic: all occupy structurally and physiognomically similar habitats that have especially nutrient-poor soils.’
    • ‘That males use physiognomically different areas across their winter range demonstrates little support for the hypothesis that males maintain a distinct preference for semiopen areas.’
    • ‘No references were found that described a community dominated by this species, although a physiognomically similar community dominated by Viburnum lentago was described in Connecticut by Niering and Egler.’
    • ‘Continually, medical and scientific researchers drew upon photographic techniques to try to position ‘deviant’ bodies as physiognomically distinct from ‘normal’ bodies.’
    • ‘Swainson's Warbler territories in Great Dismal Swamp were large and physiognomically complex.’