Definition of physiochemical in US English:



  • Relating to physiological chemistry.

    • ‘Accumulation of collagen and changes in its physiochemical properties contribute to the development of secondary complications of diabetes.’
    • ‘Correlation analyses suggested that there are no physiochemical differences in composition between liposomes that fuse and those that do not.’
    • ‘This simple method is an important tool for investigating the physiochemical causes and molecular biological effects of DNA flexibility, which affects DNA biochemistry ranging from chromatin stability to viral encapsulation.’
    • ‘The lateral diffusion of membrane components within the lipid bilayer is of physiochemical and theoretical interest, and of biological interest because many biochemical functions may be diffusion controlled.’
    • ‘The mechanism involved is hypothesized to be due to accumulation of anionic drug in the inner ear, which causes changes in the physiochemical properties of the fluid and adversely affects sound transmission.’