Definition of physician's assistant in English:

physician's assistant


  • Someone qualified to assist a physician and carry out routine clinical procedures under the supervision of a physician.

    • ‘He is the medical director of and sole physician in the hospital's Benton, Ill., rural health clinic, which also employs a full-time physician's assistant.’
    • ‘Just as physician's assistants and nurse-practitioners in the past few years, by addressing matters of routine care and treatment, have enabled physicians to see more patients, some new devices are meant to achieve the same end.’
    • ‘Most physicians, physician's assistants, or nurse practitioners working in college health centers should be capable of providing counseling and support and referrals when necessary as well.’
    • ‘They were very gung-ho on hiring physician's assistants and nurse practitioners in the doctor's offices they owned so that the doctors could ‘see more patients’ at lower costs to the hospital.’
    • ‘But I would really like to see you be a physician's assistant.’