Definition of physical training in US English:

physical training


  • The systematic use of exercises to promote bodily fitness and strength.

    • ‘The physical training had to be focused on cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance.’
    • ‘According to Grieve, beach volleyball provides excellent physical training by increasing stamina and jumping ability.’
    • ‘Appropriate physical training has shown improvements in most aspects of cardiovascular functioning.’
    • ‘The physical training and $5,000 fund-raising goal can be overwhelming for most participants.’
    • ‘Bebe was ordered by the second doctor to lay off any physical training for six weeks, leaving Ramncwana devastated after waiting in the wings for a year.’
    • ‘Collectively, injuries in sport result in more working days lost than physical training and work-related occurrences.’
    • ‘Polly wants to know: ‘Have you done any physical training for the championship?’’
    • ‘Men who lived in the city went there for physical training, ball games, gambling, and relaxation.’
    • ‘The gray physical-fitness uniform is no longer authorized for wear for physical training.’
    • ‘When Patel goes back to Gujarat to play the Ranji Trophy, the level of coaching and physical training he will receive will nosedive.’
    • ‘During 30 weeks of arduous training he learned first aid, survival techniques, physical training and marksmanship.’
    • ‘Mubanga also unveiled a programme that comprises skills and physical training in the mornings and strategies and tactics in the afternoon.’
    • ‘One of the treatment options for amenorrhea in women athletes includes weight gain and a reduction in physical training.’
    • ‘The game takes so much out of players nowadays, with physical training and work demands and everything else.’
    • ‘They need to be kept informed of what is going on, they need to keep their minds busy, to go to the bowling alley or to engage in some physical training.’
    • ‘Since the Olympiad is played over 14 rounds and you need to be physically strong, I made the girls do a lot of physical training too.’
    • ‘The course included 24 weeks physical training, ground defence training, leadership skills and management skills.’
    • ‘Their shorter adult height predicted during puberty is a result of slow or late maturation rather than the result of intense physical training.’
    • ‘There was almost no physical training except an occasional game of some sort, and no drilling.’
    • ‘Edwin, under his guidance had to do strenuous physical training which included wood chopping with a hand axe for hours in the hot sun.’


physical training

/ˈfizikəl ˈtrāniNG//ˈfɪzɪkəl ˈtreɪnɪŋ/