Definition of phyllo in English:


(also filo)


  • A kind of dough that can be stretched into thin sheets, used in layers to make pastries, especially in eastern Mediterranean cooking.

    [as modifier] ‘phyllo pastry’
    • ‘We also tried the rookaak - two shatteringly crisp phyllo cigars filled with sensuously melting cheese.’
    • ‘While the phyllo pastry was nice and crisp, the dish itself was just a little bland.’
    • ‘The künefe dessert, of shredded phyllo and string cheese, also has been missing in action.’
    • ‘Before food processors and dough machines, bakers in Mediterranean palaces would shape and stretch phyllo by hand.’
    • ‘Then there was the obligatory gooey, melting chocolate dish, imaginatively packaged here in little purses of phyllo and dusted with powdered sugar.’
    • ‘The most outlandish dessert was a mass of honeyed phyllo, piled like feathers over diced pears and a blob of melted Pecorino cheese.’
    • ‘Fried cheese, octopus salad, spicy grilled meats, and dishes made with phyllo reflect different cultural influences.’
    • ‘The crispy phyllo pastry that housed the veggie pie provided perfect textural contrast to the pasty sweet potato, which was oh-so-sweetly lubricated by a juicy tomato-apple relish.’
    • ‘Your gaze will hover a bit over this orgy of butter and oil and phyllo and kadayif dough and walnuts and almond paste, and pick the one you like best, shiny and golden, or matte and colorful.’
    • ‘All three pastas are clogged by overthick, underseasoned sauces, and the poor li'l rainbow trout can hardly find its way clear of its phyllo crust and vegetable ragout.’
    • ‘But their Basteeya, a baked phyllo pie with a filling of saffron braised chicken & spiced almonds, draped in powder sugar & cinnamon was superb.’
    • ‘A chocolate, almond and crème anglaise wrapped in phyllo will be served as dessert.’
    • ‘A rich stew of chicken, raisins and slivered almonds is flavoured with nutmeg and cinnamon, wrapped in a phyllo shell and dusted with powdered sugar.’
    • ‘This was followed by bay scallops wrapped in phyllo with Camembert, which were fabulously rich, and presented on a small rectangular plate.’
    • ‘With no time to stuff and wrap the phyllo, I added a little more sour cream and a lot more cheese, spread the mixture in a pan and baked it.’
    • ‘You'll need phyllo pastry, available in the freezer section of most supermarkets, whipped cream, grated white chocolate, fresh or frozen berries of your choice, icing sugar, a lemon and decorative gold dust.’
    • ‘Spread a mushroom-onion filling or a spinach-cannellini bean combo on butter-brushed phyllo.’
    • ‘Best of all, though, is the warm hazelnut chocolate cake, presented in a bouquet of phyllo with a spoonful of mascarpone ice cream.’
    • ‘There are little pockets of caramel wrapped in phyllo, and a decent bowl of summer cherries flavored with a scoop of ice cream tasting faintly of tea.’
    • ‘The hit of the meal was the phyllo basket filled with a ragout of duck and caramelised apple and once again a white wine, the Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc bursting with tropical fruit and gooseberry flavours, accompanied the dish.’


1950s: from modern Greek phullo leaf.