Definition of phthalocyanine in English:



  • 1A greenish-blue crystalline dye of the porphyrin group.

    • ‘As discussed previously, the phthalocyanine interacts with either the phospholipids or the apoprotein moiety of LDL, and therefore, the radicals are likely to be mainly produced at the lipid-water interface.’
    • ‘In general, these newer drugs have been based on the structure of chlorin, purpurin, phthalocyanine or naphthalocyanine.’
    • ‘This spectrum clearly indicates efficient singlet-singlet energy transfer from carotenoid to phthalocyanine.’
    • ‘Organic compounds such as phthalocyanine produce greens and blues.’
    • ‘By attaching differing substituent groups, some of which are water soluble and some of which are fat soluble, an unsymmetrically substituted phthalocyanine is created which is both water and fat soluble.’
    1. 1.1Any of a large class of green or blue pigments and dyes that are chelate complexes of this compound or one of its derivatives with a metal (in particular, copper)
      • ‘It was found that a combination of cobalt or iron phthalocyanine and sodium ascorbate has high in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity.’
      • ‘The suppression of the photodynamic potency of aluminum phthalocyanines was attributed to desorption of the dyes from lipid bilayers induced by fluoride or hydroxyl ions.’
      • ‘Previous investigators have demonstrated that sulfonated aluminum phthalocyanine is primarily distributed outside the nucleus.’
      • ‘Among the aluminum phthalocyanines, the hydrophilic tetrasulfonated derivative is localized in the vascular stroma and induces tumor regression by the indirect mechanism of vascular destruction.’


1930s: from phthalic (see phthalic acid) + Greek kuan(e)os dark blue + -ine.