Definition of Phrygian cap in US English:

Phrygian cap


  • A soft conical cap with the top bent forward, worn in ancient times and identified with the Roman cap of liberty.

    • ‘In the beginning, she was the sublime leader of liberty with the Phrygian cap recalling not so much antiquity as the French Revolution.’
    • ‘Mithras is portrayed as a young man wearing a Phrygian cap, usually crouched on the back of a bull which he is killing by a thrust to the neck with a short sword.’
    • ‘The ornate pommel is of Phrygian cap form, made in two parts riveted together at the top.’
    • ‘One is dressed in a cloak and is interpreted as a German tribesman, whilst the other, wearing a Phrygian cap, trousers or leggings, and a short cloak, is believed to be a Parthian, from the eastern boundaries of the Empire.’
    • ‘Statues and images have portrayed Marianne as wearing a helmet and at other times the Phrygian bonnet; during the Third Republic, she began to be seen wearing a crown of ripe wheat.’


Phrygian cap

/ˈfrijēən kap/