Definition of phrenologist in US English:



  • See phrenology

    • ‘Eventually it became fashionable to have a reading done by the famous phrenologists, and many celebrities of the day had their heads examined, including Julia Ward Howe, Clara Barton, Hiriam Powers, Theodore Weldand, and Edwin Forrest.’
    • ‘His death mask, which showed him to have had a sharply receding forehead, created problems for nineteenth century phrenologists since it ‘left no room for the organ of causality’.’
    • ‘Professor Hubert, the eminent phrenologist and psychologist, delivered to a very large audience in the Central Hall of the Exhibition Buildings, a lecture entitled ‘How to read men and women at a glance.’’
    • ‘Instead of countering these puny charges, let me just say that these allegations of inferior innards recall those of the phrenologists and racial purists in one of the darkest eras of modern history.’
    • ‘No one these days would argue such a thesis at length any more than they would pontificate on the brain-measuring taxonomies of 19th-century phrenologists who took the white man's superiority for granted.’