Definition of phreaker in US English:



  • See phreak

    • ‘The cyberpunk hackers, crackers, phreakers, cyphers, and cyberchic not only expose corporate crimes and misdemeanours, they also penetrate corporate and governmental computer systems and cause occasional havoc.’
    • ‘The GSM Association admits the Israeli researchers are onto something but say the attack requires the use of complex technology, which few phone phreakers have access to, and would need to be targeted at a specific caller.’
    • ‘He and another phone phreaker I met shortly thereafter let me listen in as they each made pretext calls to the phone company.’
    • ‘What piqued the interest of phreakers (phone hackers) was discovering that over a long distance connection, the cheap plastic whistle's pitch granted ‘operator mode’ - carte blanche to the telephone system.’
    • ‘The telco fraudsters, dubbed phone phreakers, can make money by selling on, at a cheap rate, the knowledge and the phone number.’