Definition of phrasal in US English:



  • attributive Consisting of a phrase or phrases.

    ‘the text fragments itself into phrasal units’
    • ‘The usual sorts of discourse relationships exist among the phrases, but very little of this structure is encoded by phrasal embedding within sentences.’
    • ‘I have a problem, too, with Bill's suggestion that the meaning of ‘under God’ should be clear here even if the phrase is a hapax legomenon, since phrasal meaning is compositional.’
    • ‘But the scheme is still very simple (except for the secret innovations of every separate system) - the phrasal search through the indexed data base with proper consideration for morphology and synonyms.’
    • ‘But only a few of the names that it catalogues - whether the full phrasal names or the nicknames - belong in a dictionary.’
    • ‘Did this expression emerge into common use during the 17th century, and stay in the phrasal vocabulary of the English language to this day, without any authoritative model at all?’