Definition of phototroph in US English:



  • A phototrophic organism.

    • ‘Symbiosis with unicellular phototrophs has existed in anthozoans at least since the Triassic (225 million years ago) and likely constitutes a source of selective pressures that have deeply modified the host's physiology.’
    • ‘Our approach disclosed a disproportional impact on trophic cascades by numerically minor phototrophs that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.’
    • ‘Whereas phototrophs generally harbor a large number of isoforms, animals exhibit only two or three isoforms.’
    • ‘Consequently, numerous marine phototrophs, including macro- and microalgae, have developed carbon-concentrating mechanisms.’
    • ‘Hints for this comes from a recent publication showing that 15 genes that are limited to the plastid genome in all other eukaryotic phototrophs are nucleus encoded in a peridinin-containing dinoflagellate.’