Definition of photosynthate in US English:



  • A sugar or other substance made by photosynthesis.

    • ‘The carbon-containing products of photosynthesis are called photosynthates.’
    • ‘This tool was used to test the hypothesis that photosynthesis under N-limited conditions is limited by the use of photosynthates while under P-limited conditions the production of assimilates is limited.’
    • ‘When the demand for photosynthates produced by the leaf under consideration is large, sugar concentration of this leaf would be low because of vigorous translocation to sink organs.’
    • ‘Photosynthesis, partitioning of photosynthates and growth need to be highly co-ordinated to allow efficient plant development and growth.’
    • ‘This was accompanied by an increase of carbohydrate partitioning towards the root, especially of starch and sucrose, because photosynthates produced could not be used for growth.’