Definition of photosphere in US English:



  • The luminous envelope of a star from which its light and heat radiate.

    • ‘The answer comes from a fourth line of evidence on the deep-Earth composition: cosmic abundances of the elements deduced from analyses of chondritic meteorites and the solar photosphere.’
    • ‘The rotated elliptical shell could explain the polarization angle, but failed to match a feature in the supernova's flux that suggested an uneven absorption of light from the photosphere.’
    • ‘Observing the solar photosphere in white light is traditionally carried out with neutral density filters.’
    • ‘The trip from the radiation zone to the photosphere - the yellowish-white sphere of light that we see - takes about one week.’
    • ‘Typically the corona is a million times fainter than the solar surface, which is why it cannot be seen except when the photosphere is mostly extinguished.’