Definition of photosensitive in US English:



  • Having a chemical, electrical, or other response to light.

    ‘photosensitive cells’
    ‘photosensitive drugs’
    • ‘However, if only the ligand is photosensitive, then light can only influence the metal-ligand binding indirectly.’
    • ‘Some polymers, such as most polyimides and polycarbonates, are not photosensitive and are typically processed using photoresist patterning and reactive ion etching.’
    • ‘The majority of photosensitive molecules have a heterocyclic ring structure similar to that of chlorophyll or hemoglobin.’
    • ‘When exposed to ultraviolet light, a photosensitive chemical in the liquid causes the material to harden and encapsulate the cells.’
    • ‘One is a photosensitive cathode which emits electrons when exposed to light and the other is an anode which is maintained at a positive voltage with respect to the cathode.’