Definition of photoresist in US English:



  • A photosensitive resist which, when exposed to light, loses its resistance or its susceptibility to attack by an etchant or solvent. Such materials are used in making microcircuits.

    • ‘When exposed to light, the photoresist undergoes a chemical change that alters its solubility in a certain solvent.’
    • ‘An oxide layer is provided over a silicon substrate and a photoresist is applied and patterned to define areas where the signal line and the ground plane will be formed.’
    • ‘The mask creates an interference pattern, exposing the photoresist in certain areas and leaving it unaffected in others.’
    • ‘The researchers recorded the image onto a photoresist, a polymer coating on the other side of the superlens that becomes insoluble when exposed to UV light.’
    • ‘The gold layers are structured by means of a process called photolithography, whereby light sensitive polymer resins or photoresists serve as masking material for the transfer of images onto the underlying substrate.’