Definition of photorealism in English:



  • 1Detailed and unidealized representation in art, especially of banal, mundane, or sordid aspects of life.

    • ‘I like to use photorealism, loose and gestural drawing styles, and a combination of the two.’
    • ‘He was the leading exponent of photorealism, a school of art that was probably maligned by the snoots but embraced, bemusedly, by the pop artists.’
    • ‘Like Picasso, Bacon sought neither photorealism nor photographic verisimilitude, nor were his paintings merely the sum of their sources.’
    • ‘His artwork was visionary, defined by its luscious gouache and photorealism, and his fondness for dressing his characters in the cartileginous mugs of actors like Kirk Douglas.’
    • ‘The 1950s once again saw two contrasting movements thrive, photorealism and subjectivism.’
  • 2Detailed visual representation, like that obtained in a photograph, in a non-photographic medium such as animation or computer graphics.

    • ‘While adults express concerns regarding photorealism in games, children, the survey suggests, are well able to separate reality from the fictional environment of the game world.’
    • ‘As if something like Mario ever needed photorealism.’
    • ‘The stylised look of the film might be off-putting to those who demand photorealism above all in their special effects work, but anyone with the slightest affection for pulp SF serials or comics will be in seventh heaven.’
    • ‘With slightly less attention to photorealism, perhaps people would be less likely to complain about Spider-Man's apparent weightless landings and take them more in the spirit of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’
    • ‘The G40 builds on the G34 by adding programmable pixel shaders and is being pitched at apps that need a higher level of photorealism than games.’