Definition of photoproduct in US English:



  • A product of a photochemical reaction.

    • ‘The cellular milieu would then support the immunosuppressive reactions of UVB and its photoproduct, cis-urocanic acid, through their oxidant dependence.’
    • ‘Given the large variability in water chemistry of the studied systems, we suggest that these photoproducts are universally produced in sunlight exposed lake water.’
    • ‘In the absence of DNA, only two photoproducts (cis and trans isomers) were detected for all compounds.’
    • ‘This is likely caused by the catalytic conversion of one or more initially derived UCA photoproducts into secondary products that are better UV-A sensitizers than UCA itself.’
    • ‘It appears as a result of the photosensitized formation of free radicals, singlet oxygen, photoproducts or other intermediates.’