Definition of photonic crystal in English:

photonic crystal


  • A synthetic crystal that can manipulate or be sensitized to respond to specific wavelengths of light. Its development suggests the possibility of increased miniaturization and efficiency of computing components and other technologies.

    • ‘Like the photonic crystals under development for visible light applications, the PBG structure appears translucent to some frequencies and reflective to others.’
    • ‘Musevic and his colleagues believe that crystal bridges might someday connect microscopic beads in a lattice structure that would reflect or transmit certain wavelengths of light - a so-called photonic crystal.’
    • ‘The second trick is the use of photonic crystals, which prevent light of the desired wavelength from going sideways or getting ‘trapped.’’
    • ‘But getting light in and out of them has been a challenge: once light leaves a photonic crystal it sprays out in all directions, and much of it is lost.’
    • ‘Just as electrons in a silicon crystal cannot exist in the range of energies known as the band gap, light waves in a photonic crystal are forbidden from a specific range of wavelengths.’


photonic crystal

/fōˌtänik ˈkrist(ə)l/