Definition of photomorphogenesis in US English:



  • Development of form and structure in plants which is affected by light, other than that occurring for photosynthesis.

    • ‘This gene was originally identified as being involved in photomorphogenesis; the mutants show many features of normal light-driven development when grown in the dark.’
    • ‘An emerging seedling may enter one of two alternative pathways of development: skotomorphogenesis or photomorphogenesis.’
    • ‘Light is one of the most important environmental factors exerting great influences on the growth and development of plants via photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis.’
    • ‘One of the most dramatic effects of light on plant development is observed in the de-etiolation process of photomorphogenesis, when plants pass from heterotrophic to autotrophic life.’
    • ‘Cryptochromes are pigmented photoreceptors that are involved in blue-light mediated photomorphogenesis and photoperiodism in plants.’