Definition of photomask in US English:



  • A photographic pattern used in making microcircuits, ultraviolet light being shone through the mask on to a photoresist in order to transfer the pattern.

    • ‘It appears that the costs of not only tools but of photomasks are poised to skyrocket.’
    • ‘Microlithography projects a pattern from a photomask through an optical system to create IC chips using ultraviolet laser light.’
    • ‘In addition, conventional optical pellicles used to protect the photomasks and the image plane will not work for EUV masks.’
    • ‘Like the technologies used to create the photomasks and microchips, quality assurance tools such as mask and wafer inspection systems are both costly and challenging.’
    • ‘Now two companies have introduced nanomachining systems they say will open up the ability to deal with tiny technologies like quantum dots and photomasks for lithography.’
    matte, shadow mask, masking, masking tape
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