Definition of photographically in US English:



  • See photographic

    • ‘In the mid 19th century, Scottish photographers were among the first to use the variety of photographically linked techniques such as the calotype, daguerreotype and photogravure.’
    • ‘But like so many other photographically illustrated quilt tops and pillowslips made around the turn of the twentieth century by anonymous, untraceable amateurs, we can never know the whole story.’
    • ‘Picasso once stated, ‘It would be very interesting to preserve photographically, not the stages, but the metamorphoses of a picture.’’
    • ‘Time and Newsweek magazines circulated, and resourceful pupils wrote away to the Chinese embassy in Lusaka for free copies of the photographically attractive propaganda periodical, China Reconstructs.’
    • ‘Somebody said they were looking for someone to paint photographically for movies… and I just kept going.’