Definition of photogenically in US English:



  • See photogenic

    • ‘Lizzie has other ideas, however, and before long she's cavorting photogenically with Paolo, a sort of junior Enrique Iglesias who talks her into impersonating another famous musician.’
    • ‘But the clashes between mutants of varying capabilities make for excellent fight scenes, the climactic one occurring, both photogenically and symbolically, atop the Statue of Liberty.’
    • ‘To collect tissue samples for the genetic project, I return to the Pennsylvania woods in late summer with John Cancalosi, a nature photographer who has decided that snakes are, photogenically, ‘the new birds.’’
    • ‘A classic was the well-fed Ojukwu's use of his photogenically starving children to generate sympathy during the Biafran war.’
    • ‘I'd seen it browsing photogenically in an opening where the spring fed stream comes into the marsh, with that sweet evening light hitting it just so.’