Definition of photofinishing in US English:



  • The commercial development and printing of film.

    • ‘Some kiosk printers use traditional silverbased photographic paper just like you would expect from a one-hour minilab or professional photo finishing retailer.’
    • ‘Some analysts also argue that the old printing behavior will return, and the photo finishing businesses simply need to adapt to the technology.’
    • ‘Kodak grew into an icon on the strength of its traditional film, paper and photofinishing businesses.’
    • ‘He works at a photo-finishing lab where he spends his days touching up other people's photos while his manager reads magazines and listens to blaring death-metal.’
    • ‘The online photofinishing wars were supposed to be simple.’
    • ‘There would be Kodak (of course), their big photofinishing partners, and maybe some competitors.’
    • ‘However, when a local service isn't available, or isn't convenient, you can use one of the many on-line photo finishing services such as Shutterfly or Snapfish.’
    • ‘In Detroit, his father, Charles, took over a photo-finishing company that became large and profitable.’
    • ‘Many photo-finishing services print on photo paper or watercolor paper and can produce the increasingly popular canvas transfers.’
    • ‘Traditional photo processors are expected to offer digital photofinishing services in their retail centers.’
    • ‘The staff at that time consisted of Mr Strasser, his wife, a typist and a packer, besides the staff in the professional photography, retail dealer and wholesale photo finishing departments.’
    • ‘Many photo-finishing services charge framers and other retailers wholesale prices for their work while allowing the framer to charge whatever they want for the finished piece.’
    • ‘It is now betting its future in digital terrain - from cameras, inkjet paper and online photofinishing to photo kiosks and minilabs, X-ray systems and commercial printers.’
    • ‘For years, optical photography and photofinishing have been plagued with countless image anomalies caused by static discharge, dust, chemical activity, "light fogging" and many other problems.’
    • ‘I have been employed for nearly two decades in the photo finishing industry as a senior technician, working on numerous types of optical photofinishing equipment, and now, digital photofinishing equipment.’
    • ‘PhotoSave, a photo-finishing company in Columbus, Ohio, takes orders by U.S. mail and via the Internet.’
    • ‘Instead of using film, we will be transferring our images for photofinishing via the computer networks.’
    • ‘Digital photography, as well as digital photofinishing, have resolved many of these problems, but in the process, have caused many others.’
    • ‘If a frame shop has a computer, Internet connection and scanner then no other equipment is needed to work with a photo-finishing service.’