Definition of photoelectric cell in US English:

photoelectric cell


  • A device that generates an electric current or voltage dependent on the degree of illumination.

    • ‘The new solar battery has a thin layer of photoelectric cells which, upon exposure to light, will start charging the normal lithium battery to which it is attached.’
    • ‘In addition to being used as a semiconductor in photoelectric cells and copy machines, selenium is also used in ceramics, glass, and medicine.’
    • ‘All alkali metals exhibit the photoelectric effect and are used in photoelectric cells.’
    • ‘It is basically an analog synthesizer of my own design which is activated via photoelectric cells, played similar to the way a DJ works a turntable.’
    • ‘From about 1970 he has experimented with combining sound with colour; often he works on a large scale, creating environments in which spectator movement triggers photoelectric cells, causing colours to change.’


photoelectric cell