Definition of photodetector in US English:



  • A device that detects or responds to incident light by using the electrical effect of individual photons.

    • ‘As the optical input signal (blue line) to a photodetector increases, the electrical output signal (red line) increases proportionally, and then begins to deviate from linear.’
    • ‘A plurality of photodetectors is used to detect the light and determine a first three-dimensional position of the interaction.’
    • ‘The rear and front surfaces of an object are covered with a material containing an array of photodetectors and light emitters respectively.’
    • ‘In the simple experiment, a converging lens focuses laser light from two pinholes onto two different photodetectors.’
    • ‘So far, we've made nanoscale lasers, photodetectors, and ribbons that serve as flexible sub-wavelength optical waveguides.’