Definition of photocoagulation in English:



  • The use of a laser beam or other intense light source to coagulate and destroy or fuse small areas of tissue, especially in the retina.

    • ‘Its visible fluorescence on leaking from damaged vessels makes it particularly useful in the diagnosis of retinal vascular disorders and monitoring of treatment of conditions amenable to laser photocoagulation.’
    • ‘A specific application that may benefit from the optical clearing technique is blood vessel photocoagulation.’
    • ‘Laser photocoagulation uses laser light to heat the intraocular tissue around a retinal hole or tear.’
    • ‘The treatment is usually applicable to choroidal neovascular lesions that do not extend under the centre of the retina since photocoagulation will usually destroy any viable photoreceptors overlying the abnormal vessels.’
    • ‘The majority of fellows had no experience with interventional procedures such as stent placement, laser photocoagulation, and cryotherapy.’