Definition of photochemistry in US English:



  • The branch of chemistry concerned with the chemical effects of light.

    • ‘Early in the 20th century, new discoveries in photochemistry and photophysics improved both theoretical and empirical understandings of the behavior of electromagnetic radiation.’
    • ‘My hope is for a big increase for research into electrochemistry in hopes of finding better materials for making batteries combined with a big increase for research into photochemistry to find better materials for making photovoltaics.’
    • ‘Commercial applications of photochemistry include photography, optical-brighteners and luminescent products.’
    • ‘In photochemistry and photobiology, it is often assumed that the noncovalent association of a photosensitizer to its target will lead to more effective damage because diffusion-limited processes are eliminated.’
    • ‘The photoisomerization of C = C double bond is the basic subject of photochemistry.’