Definition of photochemically in US English:



  • See photochemical

    • ‘The light-stimulated uptake of ammonium, for instance, indicates the involvement of the enzyme glutamate synthase, which, in many other photosynthetic systems, is driven by photochemically derived reduced ferredoxin.’
    • ‘During the oxidative stress of constant ultraviolet radiation, at least one photochemically active tryptophan metabolite, N-formyl kynurenine (NF-Kyn), is formed in the lens.’
    • ‘In the photogravure process, the image is photochemically transferred to an etching plate that has been coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.’
    • ‘In addition and parallel to drug photobleaching during PDT, native photosensitizers can be photochemically converted to new species known as ‘photoproducts’.’
    • ‘Lawton had previously demonstrated that the diazopyruvoyl group could be used as a photochemically active precursor for covalent attachment of labeling and cross-linking agents to proteins containing nucleophilic sites.’