Definition of photocatalysis in US English:



  • The acceleration of a chemical reaction by light.

    • ‘This investigation is exciting because it promises to provide fundamental scientific breakthroughs in chemical synthesis, self-assembly, electron and energy transfer processes, and photocatalysis.’
    • ‘The photocatalysis effect comes about because TiO 2 is a semiconductor that can absorb the high-energy component of sunlight.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the system does demonstrate for the first time the decontamination of a bacteria-containing air stream by photocatalysis at room temperature.’
    • ‘In the area of photocatalysis, developing colloidal semiconductor systems capable of converting visible light to a useful form of energy has also been the center of attention.’
    • ‘Other potential applications for photocatalysis plants could include train toilets, or around sewage and waste treatment facilities.’