Definition of photoactive in US English:



  • (of a substance) capable of a chemical or physical change in response to illumination.

    • ‘The supramolecular assembly of photoactive materials into thin film architectures is a topic of current theoretical and experimental interest and of significant practical importance in photoelectric devices.’
    • ‘PYP belongs to the group of photoactive proteins including the rhodopsins, the phytochromes, and the cryptochromes.’
    • ‘The team used chromophores with very large two-photon absorption cross sections to develop photoactive materials, and tuned the laser to excite the dyes.’
    • ‘None of the subjects had a history of photosensitivity, was receiving photoactive medication, or had sunbathed within 3 months of participating in the study.’
    • ‘By contrast, in the case of hydrogen abstraction, the ketone on rose bengal would become reduced to the alcohol, and the resulting molecule is no longer photoactive.’