Definition of photo CD in US English:

photo CD


  • A compact disc on which still photographs may be stored.

    • ‘Third, you can get a photo CD of the 2004 Kitty Hawk Kites Spectacular by sending in $50.’
    • ‘The iktv Karaoke Station lets you have four microphones plugged in at once, includes digital recording, and plays back DVDs, Karaoke CDs, MP3 and regular music CDs, and photo CDs.’
    • ‘She had no idea how gratified I was to hear that or to find out that M. had run into the house when they got home and immediately played the photo CD for her Mother, expertly using the mouse to turn the virtual pages.’
    • ‘I will be setting up a donation drive with a photo CD just as soon as I can but for now I have set up an email address for you to write Bo a get well e-mail.’
    • ‘To share the album, I could export it via the web, computer CD, or even make a photo CD and view it using a DVD player.’
    • ‘If you're using a film camera, ask the film developer to supply a photo CD with the prints.’
    • ‘I took my shots with a digital camera, but you could just as easily order a photo CD when you have your film developed or, if you have a scanner, scan pictures into your computer.’
    • ‘Washington, D.C. photographer Jake McGuire has created a first-ever photo CD disk specifically designed for use in American political campaigns.’
    • ‘This can replace the photo CDs and Power-Point presentations that some camps use for marketing purposes.’
    • ‘The firm prepared photo CDs of the work to distribute at the show, and then shipped them out to a broader audience of decorators.’
    • ‘Use a stock photo CD and find cool pictures that match your name BEFORE you pick the name.’
    • ‘CDukeOs specialty is creating audio CDs, photo CDs and data CDs.’
    • ‘They charge 20p for 6 x 4 prints from memory cards or photo CDs (and they won't reduce this unless you spend over £100, in which case they offer a paltry 10% off, and only if you ring and ask in advance).’
    • ‘When using a Kodak print booth to make a photo CD there is NO warning that your pictures will be modified.’
    • ‘The money was used to buy the necessary equipment to digitize our photos, and the results have been visible on the web site, in the sales of photos, and in the new photo CD being offered.’
    • ‘Create your own custom DVD with user-designed menu (in addition to creating a photo CD, SVCD, VCD)!’
    • ‘The problem is that the photo CD that I made only plays some of the image files.’
    • ‘You still have to return it to a Ritz store - it costs another $11 for prints and a photo CD - just like a single-use film camera.’
    • ‘Laid out like a sophisticated Windows Explorer, the program collects pictures from your hard disk, camera or photo CD, displaying them as small, medium or large thumbnails in the central browser.’