verbphotoing, photoes, photoed

[with object]informal
  • Take a photograph of.

    ‘do we wait till you've had him photoed?’
    • ‘Derek Savage and Matthew Clancy are photoed celebrating a score.’
    • ‘The CSTs have photoed her but they've come back outside until they're needed.’
    • ‘West Mayo is full of Marian statues and my favourite is the one in Kilmeena which I've photoed more than once.’
    • ‘It's quite refreshing to not feel like I'm holding anyone up with my photoing everything when we're both as eager to get a shot.’
    • ‘I don't think you can photo things like Servitors or summon Hermes to visible appearance on Oprah.’
    • ‘Linda has gone off to photo some Naxi woman and I am just chilling for the day.’
    • ‘All I need is for Mick Jagger to ask me to photo one of his gigs and I'm all made up.’