Definition of phosphatic in US English:



  • (chiefly of rocks and fertilizer) containing or consisting of phosphates.

    • ‘The basal part of the transgressive sandstone contains erosion surfaces, reworked bioclasts, phosphatic and glauconite pellets.’
    • ‘In time the combination solidifies to a phosphatic rock that, in crumbling, provides soil in which vegetation may take root.’
    • ‘The dissolution of limestones in weak acid is now a standard palaeontological laboratory technique, and has been used extensively to isolate phosphatic microfossils of all types from Paleozoic carbonates.’
    • ‘The sample was taken from a thin limestone lens with phosphatic oolites within the phosphatic greensand.’
    • ‘Nodules rich in phosphatic material are found in residual accumulations along disconformities, such as bone beds or lag deposits in marine limestones and shales.’