Definition of phooey in US English:


(US pfui)


  • Used to express disdain or disbelief.

    ‘I say phooey to all their money and fine clothes’
    • ‘Say phooey to all your gloating girlfriends who spend V-day with any old bloke just because they are too insecure to make it on their own.’
    • ‘Right now there are probably a few people saying ‘but people will steal our programmes - there must be copy protection’, to which I say phooey!’
    • ‘I say phooey since tools don't make the Witch; a crafty Witch makes her own tools.’
    • ‘Now you might say phooey - punctuality is one thing, who cares about the other factors.’
    • ‘And, phooey to the woman on the bus who quipped, I had a dress just like that in tenth grade!’
    • ‘Say phooey to the introduction of the euro to Europe from January 1 at your peril - particularly if you have a tourism-related business in York or North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘There has been much hand-wringing over the proliferation of home runs in the last few years, but here at TSN, we say phooey!’
    • ‘Well phooey - that's still an outrageous price.’
    • ‘One final note: to those of you who piece together that Dar and Tal are brothers, and that would make Dar and Kiri cousins, I say phooey.’
    • ‘Don't ask me why I called him/her/it ‘Nemesis,’ I just think it's a cool-sounding name, so if you don't like it, phooey.’
    • ‘But BA's passengers said phooey to both sides, since they are the ones who wound up having to spend a weekend in Terminal 1.’
    • ‘An amusing quote: ‘… many Koreans are answering [with] a defiant phooey.’’
    • ‘So forgive me if I say phooey to the fashionable PR twaddle which claims that casinos can regenerate our urban landscape.’
    • ‘Home sweet home, phooey: Indiana looks like a lock for the top seed in the East.’
    • ‘Some object to this new suit of clothes for the Rotunda, but I say phooey.’


  • Nonsense.

    ‘those excuses are a lot of phooey’
    • ‘It's all phooey, of course, another case of grown-ups lying to kids for sentimental reasons.’
    • ‘Added Browne: ‘They are just talking a lot of phooey.’’
    • ‘That's phooey to most ordinary investors, who want to see their wealth expand in absolute terms and not simply get poorer slower than their neighbors.’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling
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1920s: imitative.