Definition of phone bank in US English:

phone bank


  • A battery of telephones.

    ‘campaign volunteers have spent countless hours manning phone banks’
    • ‘But through our phone banks we found out the support is there.’
    • ‘And anyone wanting a ticket, or a coveted spot up front, can improve his chances by putting in a few hours at a phone bank, canvassing Republican homes or putting up lawn signs.’
    • ‘In addition to working at the phone bank four hours once a week, Merlo also has distributed campaign buttons and bumper stickers.’
    • ‘The bank's Internet and phone bank subsidiary, First Direct - which employs around 3,700 people at sites in Leeds and Hamilton near Glasgow - is cutting a total of 260 jobs across both sites.’
    • ‘Volunteers man phone banks every night - and day.’
    • ‘Aside from soliciting stories from parents who returned kids to public school after attendance at a choice or charter school, the group ran a phone bank and paid for two-color mailers.’
    • ‘As a consequence, direct mail and phone bank activity from state parties dropped below 2000 and 2002 levels.’
    • ‘But his look of exhaustion, more than words or deeds or shrewd analytic explications, dramatically reduces the odds that I'll go to headquarters tonight and man the phone banks.’
    • ‘The event was televised throughout the city and broadcasted on the radio, where the audience was invited to call into phone banks.’
    • ‘Call centres are made possible by toll-free phone numbers, cheap long-distance, special phone banks, and globally linked corporate computer systems.’
    • ‘After the information is sent, a follow-up call is made by a phone bank volunteer.’
    • ‘New Hampshire Democrats had set up a phone bank operation to call supporters and urge them to the polls.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the phone banks lit up with dozens of evolution skeptics.’
    • ‘Other volunteers are staffing a phone bank and a computer center.’
    • ‘In its zeal to be highly efficient and save costs, Dell Inc. has chosen to set up its phone bank in India and have its e-mail reps offer canned solutions.’
    • ‘There are no mail or telephone systems to speak of, so phone banks and direct mail campaigns are useless.’
    • ‘The day shift made great progress, and the phone supervisor issues new lists of persuadables that have never been reached in previous phone bank calls earlier in the campaign.’
    • ‘We then assigned everyone on public voter rolls to a cluster and picked the cluster with the most targets on file for initial phone bank canvassing.’
    • ‘In 1980, phone bank and direct mail were state-of-the-art devices to allow campaigns to get at their desired segment.’
    • ‘The other night they were playing back to back episodes PBS-style without the phone banks and annoying pledge drives and lame mid-show entertainment varieties.’