Definition of phlogopite in US English:



  • A brown micaceous mineral which occurs chiefly in metamorphosed limestone and magnesium-rich igneous rocks.

    • ‘Associated with these minerals are talc, tremolite, hexagonite (a manganese-rich tremolite), phlogopite, quartz, and tourmaline.’
    • ‘Some of the characteristic minerals found in kimberlite are olivine, pyrope garnet, enstatite, diopside, ilmenite, phlogopite, perovskite, magnetite, and spinel.’
    • ‘Other associated minerals include olivine (commonly altered to serpentine), phlogopite, enstatite, and many other trace accessory minerals.’
    • ‘Rock-forming minerals from the Lake George intrusives include hastingsite; hedenbergite; ilmenite; muscovite; phlogopite; riebeckite; and rutile.’
    • ‘Also, diamond is well known as host for a wide variety of inclusions such as graphite, magnetite, ilmenite, garnet (usually pyrope), chrome-diopside, chlorite, biotite, phlogopite, and even corundum.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek phlogōpos ‘fiery’ (from the base of phlegein ‘to burn’) + ōps, ōp- ‘face’ + -ite.