Definition of philopatry in US English:



  • See philopatric

    • ‘For colonial seabirds, studies of natal dispersal are numerous, and two levels of natal philopatry have been recognized: philopatry to the natal colony and within the colony philopatry to the natal breeding site.’
    • ‘Studies of highly kin-structured mammal societies have revealed the importance of natal philopatry in determining the distribution of genetic variation within populations.’
    • ‘First-time breeders that came back to breed within their natal colony showed strong philopatry toward their natal breeding sites.’
    • ‘Long-term studies of this population indicate high natal and adult philopatry in general, with males being more philopatric than females.’
    • ‘The name for this stay-at-home behavior is philopatry, a term derived from the Greek for ‘home-loving’ and loosely defined as the tendency of an individual to remain in its birthplace as an adult.’