Definition of Phillips in US English:



  • Denoting a screw with a cross-shaped slot for turning, the head of such a screw, or a corresponding screwdriver.

    ‘the screws have deeply cut Phillips heads’
    ‘a Phillips-head screwdriver’
    ‘a Phillips screwdriver’
    • ‘Trying to use a tool poorly suited for the job (like a slotted screw driver on a Phillips screw) often leads to poor results and frustration.’
    • ‘Once you install the screws by hand, you'll need to use a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten them.’
    • ‘The only tools required are a socket wrench with a long extension, a Phillips and regular screwdriver, and a hex key set.’
    • ‘I told them if a Phillips screwdriver would not fit, then we could alter the screw to make a flat head screw driver fit.’
    • ‘Using a Phillips screwdriver, attach the lock to the screen with screws and cap nuts.’


1930s: from the name of Henry F. Phillips (died 1958), the original American manufacturer.