Definition of philanthropist in US English:



  • A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

    ‘the trust was founded by an American philanthropist’
    • ‘Thanks to his contributions and those from other philanthropists, Colonial Williamsburg can now operate as a not-for-profit educational facility.’
    • ‘He is seeking the help of philanthropists, who can sponsor his son, Hargobind.’
    • ‘Heinz Kerry is also a generous philanthropist, often to highly political outfits.’
    • ‘The organisation is also looking for donations from philanthropists for a suitable site here to have its own building.’
    • ‘Baker-Smith was a philanthropist even at the age of 15 and used borrowed money to buy up art works at the annual end of year art exhibitions.’
    • ‘The Association is looking for philanthropists who could donate money to pay out salary for an English teacher.’
    • ‘Many philanthropists donate money specifically for buildings or endowed professorships that bear their names.’
    • ‘There are generous philanthropists and organisations ready to help them achieve their targets and on their part they never fail in meeting their goals.’
    • ‘He also established himself as one of the city's most generous philanthropists.’
    • ‘Some of the inmates are from well-to-do families and they pay for their stay, while others benefit from sponsorship by philanthropists.’
    • ‘We're also connecting new patrons and emerging philanthropists with emerging artists and arts groups.’
    • ‘In Britain disaster funds tend to be contributed to by just a small group of wealthy philanthropists and then a mass of individuals, many of whom are the least able to afford their generosity.’
    • ‘Taxpayers and philanthropists pay large amounts of money to keep the university well equipped with the latest gear.’
    • ‘Evenings such as this not only bring in funds, but also bring together philanthropists willing to give their time and money for a worthy cause.’
    • ‘Early donations came from several philanthropists and appeals were made to members and friends.’
    • ‘Hence, the Lords also sold posters and buttons and secured donations from philanthropists and local businesses.’
    • ‘There are many philanthropists and ordinary altruistic people who would contribute.’
    • ‘They all patently love and cherish the objects entrusted to them by Victorian philanthropists and municipal benefactors.’
    • ‘Some philanthropists established newspapers to act as the guardian of the common man, while others did all they could to encourage the growth of universal education.’
    • ‘As philanthropists, they have contributed to the development of medical and social care in many corners of the world.’
    benefactor, benefactress, humanitarian, patron, patroness, donor, contributor, giver, sponsor, backer, helper, altruist, good samaritan
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