Definition of philander in English:



  • (of a man) readily or frequently enter into casual sexual relationships with women.

    ‘they accepted that their husbands would philander with other women’
    • ‘There is, however, one class of married man that should be free to mislead and philander as they wish: guys who were strong-armed into buying expensive engagement rings for their wives.’
    • ‘His parents quarreled, his father drank and philandered and, when Wilson was 10, left the family for another woman.’
    • ‘The naïf in this case is gorgeous Leslie, whose fiancé Logan philanders with Agnes while expecting Leslie to be faithful.’
    • ‘Hubert philanders openly with Sonia, while Henri and Ines are in the bedroom trying to shut the child up.’
    • ‘He spent a lot of his life philandering, that is to say, cheating on my mom, making her insanely miserable.’
    womanize, have affairs affair, have an affair, flirt, dally with someone's affections, toy with someone's affections, trifle with someone's affections
    play around, carry on, play the field, sleep around
    fool around
    screw around
    be a carpet knight, coquet
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Mid 18th century: from the earlier noun philander man, husband often used in literature as the given name of a lover, from Greek philandros fond of men from philein to love + anēr man.