Definition of phat in English:



  • Excellent.

    ‘a phat and funky sound’
    • ‘I marched over to the dance section, grabbed the CD and bought it - on the strength of one phat track.’
    • ‘It is the essence of stunning creativity, whether embodied in a Picasso sculpture, a Mozart opera, or a phat video game.’
    • ‘The bass is consistently phat, driving underneath the vocal and keyboard tracks and matching up perfectly.’
    • ‘I was reminiscing about the past and I was chatting about a pretty, phat girl.’
    • ‘A couple of the other girls on the shoot with her were more phat, but Keisha just has something over them, you know?’
    excellent, wonderful, marvellous, magnificent, superb, splendid, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, first-class, first-rate, outstanding
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1970s (originally used to describe a woman, in the sense sexy, attractive): of uncertain origin.