Definition of phasing in US English:



  • 1The action of dividing a large task or process into several stages.

    ‘the phasing of the overall project’
    • ‘While a further €23m has now been allocated to the ‘package’, as announced by the Minister, it is the position of the Department that this package needs to be broken into phasing.’
    • ‘An integral element of the Urban Infrastructure Strategy is the phasing of its implementation over fifty years.’
    • ‘The government has taken financial measures to optimise the phasing of EU structural funds.’
    1. 1.1 The relationship between the timing of two or more events, or the adjustment of this relationship.
      ‘graphical techniques were used to investigate the phasing of traffic lights’
      • ‘Putting these subdivisions together gives a time and space phasing of the different segments of this process in this potential configuration.’
      • ‘The phased repair and alteration project involved coordination and phasing of 22 different tenant agencies.’
      • ‘The issue is that of political phasing of reforms and compromise political management, which some Young Turks had not fully argued or were averse to 1994.’
    2. 1.2 The modification of the sound signal from an electric guitar or other electronic instrument by introducing a phase shift into either of two copies of it and then recombining them.
      • ‘Brain research has shown that using sound phasing for brain synchrony will adjust the brain waves to deeper states down to the delta wave pattern.’
      • ‘Bell sounds are messy and not for controlling, they also cause a litany of electronic effects such as phasing and digital delay without ever having gone through a patchbay.’
      • ‘Then, after the incongruous Caribbean interlude, Donaldson falls back to looping, phasing and EQing all the other elements until the allotted six minutes are up.’
      • ‘The fourth track ‘Shot 2 Pieces' bounces and whoops with Super Furry phasing and the the vocal is gentler.’
      • ‘We experimented with phasing and EQ and compression and reverb, and he was up for it all.’