Definition of pharmacist in US English:



  • A person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs.

    • ‘Follow instructions on the packaging or check the dosage with your pharmacist.’
    • ‘Your pharmacist can advise you on simple medicines and/or gripe water that will help prevent colic.’
    • ‘If you notice that the eczema gets worse, it is important that you talk to your pharmacist or doctor to discuss alternatives.’
    • ‘Patient medication records are a requirement for professional standards of good practice for pharmacists.’
    • ‘We examined data on all NHS methadone prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacists in England.’
    • ‘Taking antihistamine tablets may also help reduce itching - ask your pharmacist for advice.’
    • ‘In Manitoba alone, pharmacists are already reporting drug shortages and prices are rising.’
    • ‘Anyone who wishes to identify an unknown drug can check the code on the pill and ask a pharmacist.’
    • ‘Call your pharmacist or doctor if you do not know if the medicine has aspirin in it.’
    • ‘Most pharmacists who suspect a drug is being abused either refuse to sell the product or claim it is out of stock.’
    • ‘In brief, the general practitioner writes a prescription which the patient takes to the pharmacist.’
    • ‘The decision will keep the drug behind counters so pharmacists can control sales.’
    • ‘Men also access health information from pharmacists much less than do women.’
    • ‘The health team members include medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses and many others.’
    • ‘Talk to a pharmacist regarding the drug's potential risk at least, if not your doctor.’
    • ‘They were both trained pharmacists and owned a chemists shop in Tarnow where they dispensed medicines.’
    • ‘Drug stocks in the warehouse are recorded regularly by the pharmacists using web based stock cards.’
    • ‘The oral rinses were dispensed by pharmacists and were administered by staff nurses.’
    • ‘Ask your pharmacist for an over-the-counter insecticide lotion or crème rinse.’
    • ‘Ask your pharmacist for advice and always follow the instructions about dosage.’