Definition of phantasmagorical in US English:



  • See phantasmagoria

    • ‘The company is the dance equivalent of Salvador Dali, creating weird phantasmagorical worlds.’
    • ‘The works are beguilingly small, and in clean acrylic colours on canvas, have a phantasmagorical kaleidoscopic effect, which is dizzying in its intensity.’
    • ‘Increasingly his memories collide with phantasmagorical Circles of Hell and apocalyptic visions.’
    • ‘Its contents were by turns phantasmagorical, hyperreal, surreal, and saturnalian.’
    • ‘They released a string of brilliantly weird hits with phantasmagorical Tim Pope videos and amassed huge success in America.’
    dreamlike, phantasmagoric, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, surreal, unreal, illusory, visionary, hallucinatory, fantastic, fantastical, chimerical, nightmarish, kafkaesque
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