Definition of phallocentric in US English:



  • Focused on or concerned with the phallus or penis as a symbol of male dominance.

    ‘the apartment block was an architectural monument to a phallocentric world’
    • ‘In her view, the black males in Wilson's plays represent the ‘white supremacist capitalist patriarchy's phallocentric ideal’ and are constantly defending their genitals from the castrating gaze of black women.’
    • ‘As a figment of heterosexual wish-fulfilment, the female nude serves primarily to guarantee the stability of a phallocentric fantasy in which the omnipotent male gaze sees but is never itself seen.’
    • ‘Jones attempts to subvert the white patriarchal system by inverting the power dynamic serve only to reinscribe phallocentric notions of power and control.’
    • ‘Most often, men are phallocentric (fascinated with their penises) and have not taken the opportunity to explore their own sexual body.’
    • ‘The SFO is deliberately against technical virtuosity in favour of serendipity, against phallocentric guitar-heroism in favour of a detached, unphysical approach to playing.’