Definition of phagocytize in US English:



  • See phagocytosis

    • ‘Faint, brown, moniliform fungal elements were found in the granuloma, some of which were phagocytized by giant cells.’
    • ‘The nodes contain macrophages, phagocytic cells that engulf (phagocytize) and destroy bacteria, dead tissue, and other foreign matter, removing them from the bloodstream.’
    • ‘In the case of the red blood cell, the useless heterochromatin is eventually ejected from the cell and phagocytized by macrophages.’
    • ‘The endothelium of the blood vessels phagocytizes carbon particles, whereas other cells are supposed to remain free of carbon.’
    • ‘Although dendritic cells phagocytize apoptotic and necrotic cells to the same degree, only engulfment of necrotic cells induces dendritic cell maturation.’