Definition of phacelia in English:



  • A herbaceous American plant with clustered blue, violet, or white flowers.

    • ‘This year I'm using winter tares - a winter hardy vetch which will fix nitrogen and provide good protection, but in the past I've also used clovers, buckwheat, phacelia and grazing rye.’
    • ‘Phacelia is a genus made up of about 150 species, It is well represented in our mountains where several phacelias are quite showy plants.’
    • ‘Silky phacelia stood purple and straight, pussy toes bowed their heads.’
    • ‘On the desert floor all around us blossomed yellow desert dandelions and purple phacelias.’
    • ‘In the more stabilized dune sections, the tawny sands flare with color, thanks to the blossoms of desert gold, pink desert sand verbena, and purple phacelia.’


Modern Latin, from Greek phakelos cluster.