Definition of pewit in US English:


(also peewit)


  • The northern lapwing.

    • ‘The pewit can be easily recognized by the black crest on its head, its twangy singing and its characteristic flight with sharp rises and turns.’
    • ‘But on an evening like this at Hadrian's Wall, in the soft rain and with the cuckoo and the peewit for company, the wild and empty landscape forces a revision of my historical imagination.’
    • ‘Lapwings, also known as peewits due to their distinctive call, have white and greeny-black plumage topped by an elegant crest.’
    • ‘Hay meadows provide areas for feeding and breeding of pewits, quails and corn-crakes – birds, which are frequently encountered in certain places of Lithuania.’
    • ‘She said the lapwing (or peewit) is also under pressure with its numbers being reduced by 40 per cent over the past 40 years.’
    • ‘The old Waterworks should be investigated, as should the newly landscaped Bog Meadows and its peewits.’


Early 16th century: imitative of the bird's call.