Definition of petty bourgeoisie in English:

petty bourgeoisie


  • another term for petite bourgeoisie
    • ‘In the final analysis, Fascism involves the whipping up of the disoriented petty bourgeoisie against the working class in the interests of big capital.’
    • ‘The bitterness, pessimism and panic of layers of the American petty bourgeoisie is rising to the top in response to the advanced crisis of the social order.’
    • ‘While in their ascent to power, the National Socialists based themselves on the mobilization of the petty bourgeoisie, they fully put themselves at the service of German imperialism once they had taken over.’
    • ‘Fascist leaders often come from the petty bourgeoisie or military, and they are called in because they can mobilise a section of the petty bourgeoisie and/or working class to smash organised labour and the left.’
    • ‘He relies on cultural backwardness and the most right-wing elements in the petty bourgeoisie, whom he positions against the working class.’


petty bourgeoisie

/ˈˌpɛdi ˌbʊrˌʒwɑˈzi/